Service is more than just “fixing it when it’s broken”, it is about keeping your doors working 24/7/365 and functioning as designed. Whether you have a single garage door at your home that needs to open on a cold winter night, making sure it works when you need it is imperative.

Residential Service


You have to be there in 20 minutes, and your garage won’t open! This would be frustrating, but also potentially dangerous. To prevent this, we recommend that, once a year, you have your garage doors and springs inspected, any worn parts replaced, and the garage door openers tested. Replacing critical operational and safety parts before they fail and checking the operation of your door plus the details that keep it operating safely, is a good practice. We often discover small, low-cost parts cause door failures and an investment in preventive maintenance can save injuries, damage, and money.

Call us to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment with our installation/repair experts. We’ll do a thorough inspection using our detailed checklist to keep your doors operating as they should.

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