As a homeowner, you can save a lot of money by extending the life of your home’s appliances and systems. Sometimes you’re left with the decision of spending more money to replace a garage door or hoping for the best by doing some garage door repairs that the door may last another few years.

And now, it’s easier than ever for DIYers to find free knowledge about home repairs. After all, anyone with an internet connection can watch videos of other people repairing everything from lawnmowers to plumbing clogs to ceiling fans.

But, every system in your home will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. And at some point, we will all need to call in the pros for a repair or a replacement because DIY jobs can be disastrous or even dangerous if they go wrong.

If you’re trying to decide whether to repair or replace your garage door, we have some tips.

When to Repair Your Garage Door

When your relatively new garage door has one or more of the following problems, you may be able to repair it instead of replacing it. Call RCI Doors™ to find out how we can help!

The Door Has a Sudden, Unexpected Problem

When your door stops working suddenly, you may have a simple problem, one that can be repaired quickly and easily. You may simply need to change the batteries in your remote opener.

Even when the batteries are fine, your problem may still be simple and isolated to one part of the door. Check the troubleshooting guide in your owner’s manual to diagnose the problem if you’re curious about the issue, or call for service to have an experienced pro diagnose the problem.

The Door Seems Slow and Heavy

Garage doors use springs to lighten the workload on the door’s motor. As the springs wear out, the workload on the motor increases. Sometimes, as springs tire, your door will start to seem slower and heavier.

Replacing springs isn’t a do-it-yourself job, but it’s good to know you probably don’t need a new door. A service technician should be able to get the door working properly again. Using a professional service technician is critical when replacing garage door springs here’s why:

  • Torsion springs are powerful and dangerous forces; mishandling them can result in catastrophic consequences. Hundreds of pounds of weight put immense strain on these coils, making it vital to handle with caution – failure to do so could be life threatening.
  • Installing garage doors can be a dangerous task – the combination of heavy springs and ladders requires tremendous strength and balance. Any misstep could result in serious injury!
  • The amount of money you might save with DIY is less than the cost of a potential trip to the ER.

Your Door Is Sagging on One Side

It looks bad. One side of the garage door is hitting the pavement faster than the other side. But if you catch the problem in time, a sagging door should be a simple fix for a trained pro.

The issue is an imbalance. One side of the door is wearing out faster than the other side. The door will likely need to be rehung, but it’s still cheaper than a full replacement.

However, it’s important to call for service as soon as possible. Operating an unbalanced door day after day can create more serious problems — problems that could require a full replacement.

The Door Has Minor Cosmetic Damage

Your garage door is a big piece of your home’s curb appeal. If a door panel gets dented, discolored, or damaged in some other way, you should get the damage fixed before it spreads. If the damage is already affecting multiple panels, you may need to replace the entire door.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

Sometimes, even the pros shouldn’t fix a garage door. Instead, it should be replaced with a new model. This is often true when:

The Door Doesn’t Meet Modern Safety Standards

Back in the 1980s, dozens of children died because of garage door accidents. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission started enforcing new regulations in 1991 to make garage doors safer.

Since then, safety features have grown more advanced. Modern doors include sensors that reverse the door’s direction if it encounters an obstacle. Some doors won’t operate at all if the door’s movement could create an injury.

If your door was installed decades ago, it’s time for a safety upgrade in the form of a new door system.

The Door Has Multiple Problems

Garage door parts work together to open and close the door. When one part — a spring, for example — has worn out, other parts of the door have to work harder. Then, as that part gets exhausted, additional parts of the door feel the strain.

For most people with multiple garage door problems, getting a new door will cost less than replacing every component of your old door. Plus, the new door will increase your property value and include up-to-date safety, efficiency, and connectivity advantages.

Your Door Has Severe Damage

A garage door that’s been struck by a moving vehicle or operated improperly for months, or years, should be replaced with a new door. Again, damages to multiple parts of the door make for expensive and complex repairs.

Your Door Is Really Old

Almost every system in a home will eventually wear out, including garage doors. If your decades-old door develops a problem — even a relatively simple problem — it may be time for a replacement.

New doors are more efficient and safer. They come with extra security and wireless connectivity features. They can add to the value of your home.

Common Questions When Considering Garage Door Repair or Garage Door Replacement?

How often should a garage door be replaced?

When properly installed and maintained, your garage door should last about 30 years. If your door is 30 years old or older, it’s time for a new one.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace the garage door?

This depends on the garage door’s problem. When homeowners catch problems early — before they spread and become bigger problems — the repair should cost less than a new door. However, if multiple door components need to be replaced, it’s likely cheaper to get a new door.

What is the most common problem with garage doors?

Fortunately, the most common problems with modern garage doors are usually easy to resolve. Blocked or dirty sensors, for example, can render a door immobile. Simply cleaning the sensor, or removing the items that are blocking the sensor, should solve the problem.

When to Call in The Pros to Repair or Replace A Garage Door

They have a simple job, and they’re easy to operate, but garage doors aren’t simple. They depend on several moving, interdependent components. Garage doors are heavy and can cause injury easily. It can be extremely dangerous to attempt DIY repair of your garage door, especially when working near the springs.

If your door isn’t working as it should — or if it’s not working at all — it’s best to call a professional to identify and solve the problem.

RCI Doors™’ licensed garage door experts know how your door’s components work together. When we fix your problem, our experts can also prevent the problem from causing more problems that require even costlier repairs in the future.

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