Cold storage doors are specially designed doors used in refrigerated or cold storage environments, such as warehouses, food processing plants, and pharmaceutical facilities.

These doors are essential for maintaining temperature control, preventing energy loss, and ensuring the safety of the goods or products stored within. They are typically insulated and sealed to minimize heat transfer and keep the cold air in.

Depending on the facility’s specific requirements, they come in various styles, including sliding, swinging, and roll-up doors. Cold storage doors play a critical role in preserving the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive items, making them a crucial component in industries where precise temperature control is essential.

Cooler Doors: Sealing Freshness, Preserving Quality

RCI is more than just doors; we are a one-stop solution for all your high-performing cold storage units and applications. “Cold storage doors” typically refer to specialized doors used in environments where temperature control is essential, such as refrigerated or freezer storage facilities. These doors are designed to provide several benefits:

  • Temperature Control
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental Control
  • Easy Access
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Customization
  • Compliance
  • Cost Savings

RCI Cold Storage Doors: Preservation meets Innovation

RCI cold storage doors are specialized doors designed for use in refrigerated and freezer environments. These doors are essential for maintaining temperature and humidity control in cold storage facilities, such as warehouses, food processing plants, and industrial freezers. Below are some key features and considerations when it comes to cold storage doors:

  • Tough, thermally neutral fiberglass reinforced pultrusion (FRP) framework
  • Extruded plastic polymer casings
  • Non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane core

An Extensive Selection of Cooler doors

RCI Doors™ offers top-notch, high-performance cold storage units and applications. They are available with sliding, swing, or vertical lift doors and provide your facilities with both durable design and cutting-edge innovative technology. Contact us for more information on the capabilities and installation services of cooler or cold storage doors.