Sometimes, a damaged commercial door must be replaced. Other times, a routine repair can rescue a broken door, allowing additional years of service.

Is it better to repair or replace your damaged doors? The certified commercial door experts at RCI Doors™ help North Carolina businesses answer this question.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and read on to learn more about replacing vs repairing commercial doors.

Repairing vs Replacing: Knowing the Difference

For some instances, it’s a no-brainer. When a commercial door can’t be repaired or repairing it will cost more than replacing it, you should replace the door. This is often true for doors that have been struck by a vehicle, damaged in a flood, or exposed to hazardous chemicals.

With less-severe damage, deciding whether to repair or replace a door isn’t always easy. Still, most of the time, you should replace a commercial door when:

  • The door has lasted beyond its expected lifespan
  • The door doesn’t reflect the nature of your business
  • Your existing door can’t provide adequate security and fire safety
  • A more secure door will save on insurance costs
  • You want a more energy-efficient model

Of course, the business owner’s or manager’s preferences can factor into these scenarios. For example, some business owners want to extend the life of their doors as long as possible. They might see value in stretching one more year or two out of their doors.

Others want to stop spending money on a door they’ll have to replace in the future anyway. Or, they know replacing a door will save energy costs and insurance premiums.

When your RCI Doors™ technician arrives to check out your commercial doors, you can discuss the long-term costs and benefits of repairing vs replacing your existing doors. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

How Often Do Commercial Doors Need to Be Repaired?

The performance and expected lifespan of your commercial doors depend on their design, materials, components, and number of cycles or usage. Doors that are the main entry at your facility and are used over 100 times a day will need more frequent repairs and maintenance compared to a exit-only type door that is used less than 10 times a day.

We’ll be glad to discuss the specifics of your door needs when you schedule your appointment. In this article, we won’t go into all the details of every type of door. Instead, let’s stick to common reasons commercial doors need to be repaired.

Those reasons include:

Commercial Door Alignment Problems

If one part of your door is misaligned, the entire door can close and open improperly, and the problem will likely grow worse as time passes. Eventually, a misaligned door can become a significant security problem, especially if it won’t close on its own.

Sealing Problems

Do you feel a draft? Have you noticed your energy usage rising incrementally year over year? Replacing the seals around your door could solve this problem quickly and efficiently. There’s an art to making this repair. An experienced specialist can replace door seals quickly. Someone who’s not experienced may spend hours without success.

Hardware Problems

Frequently used mechanical door components like panic exit hardware, pivots, hinges, door closers, locksets, and weather seals can wear out faster than the door itself. Replacing these can extend your door’s life for years into the future.

Security Problems

When combined, the problems already listed can create lapsed commercial door security. For instance, a misaligned door that doesn’t close properly is easier to break into than a door that closes tightly. Likewise, a worn lock can be easier for burglars to compromise.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues on any type of commercial door, RCI Doors™ has the skills and experience to help you resolve these problems before they become bigger.

Benefits of Replacing Commercial Doors

Many damaged doors can (and should) be repaired. But even when a door can be repaired, some business owners still replace their doors because new doors offer more benefits. These benefits include:

  • ADA compliance: ADA-compliant commercial doors can expand your customer base by making your business more accessible.
  • Function: Automatic doors are a must for high-volume retailers. A commercial garage roll-up door can make life easier for mechanics.
  • Insurance Savings: In general, newer doors are safer and more secure. A safer and more secure business usually costs less to insure.
  • Curb Appeal: Your commercial doors give customers their first impression of your business. Doors that were designed for a previous occupant of your building may not accurately present who you are.

Replacing a door is the best way to achieve these benefits if you don’t already have them. RCI Doors™ has authorized technicians who have the skills and tools to install new doors quickly.

Benefits of Repairing Commercial Doors

There are a few benefits to repairing your existing commercial doors. These benefits include:

  • Avoiding Downtime: Simple repairs typically require less downtime for businesses. The simplest repairs can be completed with minimal disturbance to your customers and staff.
  • Simplicity: Scheduling repairs is simple and requires fewer decisions than shopping for and installing a new commercial door system.
  • Saving Money: Simple repairs and regular maintenance can protect your initial investment in your commercial doors.

Rest assured, RCI Doors™’ certified staff have worked on commercial doors of all styles and functions, making them well-equipped to handle any challenge. Contact us to schedule your repair today.

Bottom Line: Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial Doors?

Whether to repair or replace your commercial doors depends, of course, on your unique challenges.

If your door is safe, secure, functional, and appropriate for your business, you should repair its damage — assuming the repairs cost less than replacing the door.

If you need more security, functionality, or safety than your current commercial door can offer — or if the door doesn’t represent your business — it’s time to replace it.

Either way, RCI Doors™ is here to help. If your business is located in central North Carolina, we’re just a phone call away.

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